Surebonder Glue Guns Overview

When you’re thinking of general craftsmanship, there are a few instruments that might pop into your mind, and a glue gun is possibly one of them. However, this tool is far more than a commoner, since the versatility it provides outreaches many other crafts instruments that you can use for a task or too.

Maybe the most approached glue gun stints are wood-crafting, retail manufacturing, recreational decor, and packaging. Still, its usability can go as far as your imagination can take you.

There are a few aspects that make Surebonder a premium brand choice. First, they provide all sorts of glue guns, from large to mini, which gives them extra knowledge of the variety of use-value. Another central perk of a Surebonder glue gun is the internal infrastructure which is finely developed with high-quality components. Moreover, compared to rival brands on the market, Surebonder struggles to keep its models at a convenient and competitive price, and customers don’t hesitate to show their satisfaction.

Professional vs Regular

The main aspect that sets aside a professional glue gun from an entry-level is the wattage. More watts mean more power, thus, more effective operation on hard-duty projects. However, if you don’t intend to operate on strong materials, a regular glue gun would do you just fine.

Surebonder’s collection of professional glue guns includes models that range between 60 and 120 Watts of heating power. The latter is the most efficient in regard to industrial use and heavy-duty jobs. Also, it features a removable wire for additional comfort during work. Safety is an important condition too, and, in this direction, Surebonder integrated both a safety fuse, which shuts off the gun in case of shorts and insulated nozzles safeguard to protect you from burns.

For regular use, Surebonder has many approachable collections. In the cordless gue gun catalog, you can find many glue guns that have the additional advantage of not being dependent on a wire. In this manner, they are easier to handle and to use in a variety of projects.

If a regular size glue gun is not what you’re looking for, Surebonder sells mini-sized models too for projects that require fewer watts power and more precision. Thus, for light projects, such as crafting delicate materials like cloth and floral arrangements, mini glue guns perform an outstanding job.

Glue Gun Accessories

Accessories can prove themselves a real help in your day-to-day use of a glue gun.

  • Silicone pad. Since this is a non-adhesive heat-resistant surface, it is instrumental for peeling off dried glue to recycle it and even gluing operations, such as for tracing projects.
  • Stand. Surebonder features a universal glue gun stand with a non-stick surface that ensures safety and convenience while working on your gluing projects.
  • Battery adapter. You can find an assortment of battery adapters on the site and choose the one that feels the most convenient. One suggestion would be to limit the use of the battery adapter to Surebonder glue guns since they are designed for the interface of this specific brand.

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