How to improve your car audio on a budget

Most cars don’t come with a quality audio system but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer through horrible sound distortions every time you go for a drive. Nowadays, there are many ways in which you can improve your car’s audio system and it usually involves replacing some key components or adding some new ones from scratch.

Upgrading the whole audio system can quickly turn expensive and people who can afford it aren’t afraid of spending thousands of dollars to get the best sound quality possible. But even if you don’t have a large wallet there are some things you can do for fraction of the price that will greatly enrich your music listening experience.

The key to successfully improving sound quality in your car is identifying the faulty components. Is it your speakers that are too weak? Or maybe your audio system didn’t come with any amps? Is your head unit so old that it doesn’t have enough power to play your favorite tracks properly? There is no use in replacing your speakers if they aren’t the ones at fault. You can find reviews for different audio components at Noble Rate. Here, we will go over some of the most common culprits responsible for low-quality audio.

Head unit

A head unit is the component that controls your whole audio system. Head units come in two sizes, single DIN or double DIN. Single DIN head units are still found in older cars and they mainly consist of a variety of buttons and a slot for your CD or cassette. Modern cars use the double DIN standard. Twice as large as the single DIN, double DIN head units are often equipped with a touchscreen the driver can use to tweak different audio settings or use the GPS navigation system. If you have a space for one, it is highly recommended to get a double DIN head unit.

Newer double DIN head units have better playback power and you need that to be able to play music loudly with no distortions. You can have the strongest speakers on the market but if the output of your head unit is too weak, the speakers won’t improve your situation. The best double din head unit should come with sufficient audio output for your speakers and with various sound source options, such as Bluetooth and smartphone support.


A decent pair of car speakers doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get a nice pair for less than $50. If you can afford to, get another pair to put in the back for that nice surround sound.

For many people, the most annoying thing about cheap car speakers is the sound distortion. That can be remedied with some nice amplifiers but that makes the costs quickly add up. You can also try some cheaper solutions, like using high pass filters or equalizers.